Exposure to Environmental Toxins and Dangerous Drugs Has Been Linked to Cancer

What is Toxic Exposure?

The harmful effects of exposure to toxic chemicals can have an enormous impact on the human body. And unfortunately, the impact of certain chemicals may not be known until years later. Removing these toxic products from the market or placing additional warning labels won’t reverse the impact for those who have previous exposure. Toxic chemical exposure can happen to anyone, and you may not even know that you’ve been exposed.

Over the past 50 years, many “wonder drugs,” hazardous chemicals, and pesticides have been widely used—and then quickly discontinued once their health and environmental impact comes to light. Just a few of the substances and drugs whose manufacturers we’ve held liable include:

Defective Drugs – Many medications have been linked to an increased risk of cancer, stroke, blood clots, or other serious or potentially fatal medical issues.

An example of a widely used defective drug is Zantac®, a commonly-used acid reflux medication that was contaminated with a known carcinogen. Those who took Zantac® that was contaminated with NDMA are at greater risk of developing stomach, bladder, and other types of cancer. If you’ve developed cancer after regular Zantac® use, you may be entitled to compensation.

Environmental Exposure – Environmental toxins can include several broad categories, such as agricultural runoff and industrial waste that contaminates waterways, and air pollution that impacts the pulmonary health of local communities.

Examples of toxic chemicals that have been linked to health issues are asbestos, Paraquat, and AFFF.

Asbestos was commonly used in floor and ceiling tiles, insulation, and even roofing shingles prior to the 1970s. Although asbestos hasn’t been used as a building material in the U.S. since the mid to late 1970s, it’s still fairly commonly found in houses that were constructed or renovated in the mid-1900s, as well as warehouses and other industrial and commercial buildings that were built in this era. Asbestos exposure has been linked to lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other cancers.

Paraquat is a powerful and toxic commercial herbicide that has been linked to Parkinson’s disease and other serious side effects. Although Paraquat has been banned in more than 30 countries, it’s still being used in the U.S.—in some areas more than ever.

AFFF Foam is a fire retardant firefighting foam manufactured by major conglomerate 3M. AFFF foam is regularly used by firefighters and its carcinogens, including PFOS and PFAS, don’t break down in the environment—or in the human body. Currently, both individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer and businesses and municipalities are suing over the individual and environmental impact of this foam.

Although a lawsuit may be the last thing you may want to worry about after you’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness, time is of the essence. Under state and federal law, there are strict time limits in which to bring product liability claims, and failing to file a lawsuit before this statute of limitations expires could leave you without any recourse when you are ready to file a lawsuit.

To receive the compensation you deserve, it’s important to consult an experienced product liability attorney like those at The Ferraro Law Firm. Our cancer lawsuits are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means that we only charge you a legal fee if we’re successful in obtaining a financial recovery on your behalf.

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At The Ferraro Law Firm, our environmental toxic tort lawyers have decades of experience in helping victims of dangerous drugs and environmental toxins receive the compensation they deserve. Since 1985, we’ve made a name for ourselves when it comes to holding large companies accountable for their dangerous and irresponsible actions.

Each of our cases begins with an in-depth assessment of our client’s situation and the damages they’ve sustained. This helps us determine what we’ll need to investigate and how the litigation should proceed. Even if you are unsure about what caused your cancer, let us use our decades of experience to investigate your potential claims.

The Ferraro Law Firm capably handles toxic tort cases throughout the country. Our lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the complexities of both state and federal laws regarding toxic chemicals, along with decades of experience in litigating these cases in state and federal court. With over 30 years of experience handling toxic exposure cases, we are widely regarded in the legal field for our thorough and aggressive approach to toxic tort litigation.

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