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Science Scrambles to Find New Treatments for Mesothelioma as Baby Boomers Retire

651967_retirement_life.jpgAs our mesothelioma attorneys continue to report, doctors and scientists continue to look for ways to better treat this grim diagnosis. And, because a diagnosis frequently comes 30 or 40 years after exposure, victims are typically in retirement.

The retiring Baby Boomers likely means an explosion in such cases, as many remained at high risk of asbestos exposure well into the 1980s. Recently we reported on our Mesothelioma Lawyer Blog about the ongoing efforts of the federal government to push for expanded treatment options.

Now a new report has found the breath testing for mesothelioma shows greater promise for detecting the disease at earlier stages.

The report found that many of the current methods of diagnosing mesothelioma, including biopsies and surgery, carry a high risk of complications, particularly among the elderly. Diagnosis the disease in its earliest stages of ofter patients the best chance of recovery.

Scientists know that inhaled asbestos cause inflammation, DNA damage and cellular death. Some of that damage can be detected by machine through exhaled breath. Another new technology with the potential to help in diagnostics testing is the electronic nose. More than 3,000 organic compounds can be present in exhaled breath; researchers have been able to train a group of dogs to distinguish between the breath of patients with lung cancer and breast cancer with an accuracy rate of 99 percent.

Another report is highlighting the use of intense light through photodynamic light therapy (PDT) to treat mesothelioma and improve survival. The light has the power to disrupt cellular function and kill cells. Because it works differently than the traditional treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, doctors hope to use it as part of a multi-modality approach.

The treatment has shown promise in esophageal cancer, as well as some types of lung cancer and skin cancer, the light cannot go further than a few millimeters into the tissue, which limits its effectiveness for thicker tumors or those that are harder to reach.

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