Many Dangerous Products Remain in Homes Long After Recall

blinds2.jpgDefective products are more than a simple inconvenience because they fail to work properly.

Product liability lawyers understand that products that don’t work as advertised, or may have unintended consequences as a result of that use, can result in serious injury or death.

Even if a manufacturer or the government issues a product recall, you may not learn of it until it’s too late.

In fact, that happens a lot. TIME Magazine recently explored a list of dangerous products you may still have in your home – with no inkling as to the risk. In fact, the report indicates that recalled products have a mere 10 percent return rate. And that only involves products that have actually been formally identified as a risk and subsequently recalled.

That means that 90 percent of recalled products are still in people’s homes, either still in use or sold to some other unsuspecting consumer.

As a prime example, consider this: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for a type of furnace back in February. These same furnaces had actually been recalled eight years earlier. However, in the eight years since the first recall, almost 400 incidents (fires or burns) resulted. That was more than 90 percent of the incidents involving the furnaces.

Clearly this illustrates that there is an obvious gap in communication when it comes to informing the public about that dangers certain products pose.

However, it is important to note that a product’s recall does not preclude you from filing a personal injury lawsuit. Any remedies offered by the recall are typically in addition to what you can seek in the legal sphere – particularly if you or someone you care about has been seriously injured.

All that said, here are a list of some of the dangerous, recalled products you may still be using:

1. LG Dehumidifiers. There were about 100,000 of these sold between 2007 and 2008. The problem is that they are believed to have been responsible for house fires. There were 11 before the recall was first issued back in late 2009. Four of those fires were deemed “significant.” But these products were recalled again in 2011 after another 16 fires. This recall had a return rate of just 2 percent – meaning there are a lot more of these dehumidifiers out there.

2. Drop-side cribs. These were hugely popular for years, but have caused more than 30 child deaths. More than 11 million of these, under various brand names, have been recalled in the last five years. The whole design has since been barred, after realization that the side can actually become lose and create a gap that could cause an infant to get stuck – or strangled.

3. Toy dart guns from the Family Dollar Store. There have been reports of deaths after the soft darts became lodged in children’s throats.

4. Gel Fuel. Some 2 million units have been sold of this pourable product, following dozens of burn incidents. At least two people were killed. The incidents tend to have happened when people were adding the thick gel to an existing fire.

5. All roll-up blinds and Roman shades that were manufactured prior to 2009 have been recalled following the strangulation (or near-strangulation) of nearly two dozen children.

The list of recalled products is far too large to list here, but you can visit the U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission’s recall list here.

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