Treatment for Mesothelioma

Lung Disease For patients suffering from mesothelioma, the question of what kind of treatment options might be available or appropriate for this disease is surely a paramount concern. Currently, there is no cure for mesothelioma, though there are many treatments that can help improve the lifespan of a patient and reduce pain. The stage at which a patient’s disease was diagnosed, age, gender, and type of mesothelioma he or she has will also have a great impact on whether or not a patient is a candidate for certain approaches, or how effective a treatment might be.

Types Mesothelioma Treatments

There are three primary types of therapies used to treat mesothelioma and, depending if the cancer is localized, or if it has spread, will determine which is best suited for an individual.


For those diagnosed at an early stage of the disease, surgery is generally the best option as it can be used to remove all or most of the tumors in a patient. This might require removing the mesothelial lining, one or more lymph nodes, or part or all of a lung or other organ, depending on where the tumor or tumors are located.


This option can attack fast-growing cancer cells in a patient and is typically used in combination with surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells that a surgeon might not have been able to remove during the surgical procedure.

Radiation Therapy

Targeted radiation can shrink mesothelioma tumors, rendering them easier to remove through surgery. This can be done either through the use of an external or internal source of radiation, depending on the location of the tumor.

Multimodal Therapy

Generally, mesothelioma therapists suggest a multimodal approach to treatment, which utilizes multiple types of treatment and has proven to be more effective than simply using one of the three aforementioned methods. To effectively use a multimodal approach, a primary treatment is used in conjunction with a helper treatment, as is the case with surgery and chemotherapy. Another example of this approach might use all three of these treatments – radiation to shrink the tumor, surgery to remove it, and chemotherapy to kill the remaining cells.

Florida Mesothelioma Lawyers

For over 30 years, the Florida mesothelioma lawyers at The Ferraro Law Firm have served as powerful advocates for clients suffering from mesothelioma, holding those responsible for their asbestos exposure accountable. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or any other asbestos-related disease, our experienced and compassionate legal team is here to help. We have recovered billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients and will work tirelessly to do the same for you.

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