Painting can be a potentially dangerous job, exposing individuals to a host of health risks, such as solvents, additives, pigments, and other toxic materials that might contain asbestos and lead to serious conditions and health problems. Lung disease and other cancers can develop due to this exposure. Despite the fact that new materials are now water-based and generally contain safe chemicals, painters often work in buildings and homes that still contain older, vastly more toxic chemicals.

Even in cases where painters use safe paints, it is not uncommon for them to sand, strip existing paint, or work with or around other invasive types of construction, which means he or she can be exposed to toxic materials that are present in that building. If a painter is exposed to these types of conditions on a regular basis, the chances of him or her developing lung disease or cancer are incredibly high.

Many of these fumes, gases, dust, and other toxic particles are capable of penetrating safety masks and other protective equipment, putting painters at risk even when they take safety precautions. In a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, it was revealed that painters in the construction industry were exposed to high levels of paint dust that contained trace amounts of dangerous materials, such as lead, zinc chromate, and other inorganic dust.

Some of the most common conditions painters develop due to dangerous conditions in the workplace include:

  • Aesbestosis
  • Silicosis
  • Allergic alveolitis

Additionally, research also suggests that painters are at a higher risk of developing cancer as a result of their exposure to toxins on the job. If you begin experiencing shortness of breath, a persistent cough, chest pain, or any other symptoms associated with your respiratory system, it is critical that you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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