On behalf of all of us at The Ferraro Law Firm, we would like to congratulate our very own Leslie Rothenberg on her recent election to The Florida Bar.

Leslie Rothenberg
After defeating Frances G. De La Guardia 1,863 to 1,734, Leslie will assume Seat 6 in the 11th Circuit—a seat vacated by Florida Bar Presidential candidate Steve Davis.

Leslie’s victory marks a return to the 11th Judicial Circuit court (Miami-Dade) where she served as a Florida trial judge for eleven years. She also served as an appellate court judge on the Third District Court of Appeal for fourteen years and was elected to serve as Chief Judge and President of the District Court of Appeal Judges. On the Third District Court of Appeal, she ran the judicial education program and represented the appellate judiciary state-wide.

Leslie’s Board of Governors victory is 34 years in the making. Her experience trying cases, rulings, and written opinions has helped her garner respect from both her colleagues in the legal community and the citizens of the Miami-Dade area as a whole.

What Being a Governor on The Florida Bar Means

As one of 52 members of the Florida Bar’s Board of Governors, Leslie and her peers will be tasked with creating and implementing all policy changes for the Bar. In a candidate platform statement back in January, Leslie stressed that she would emphasize the importance of improving benefits and resources to help lawyers serve their clients.

In addition to serving all 109,000 members of The Florida Bar, Leslie and the rest of the board will serve as leaders in the Florida community as a whole. Their mission is to ensure all attorneys in the state of Florida are held to the highest standards of professionalism imaginable. To protect the community, Leslie and the rest of the board will also be tasked with preventing unlicensed attorneys from practicing law and prosecuting and disbarring all unethical attorneys as they see fit.

Leslie’s Continued Role With The Ferraro Law Firm

Although Leslie will take on an immense responsibility by serving the Miami-Dade community, she will do so as a public servant. In other words, Leslie and all other members of the Florida Bar Board of Governors serve without pay.

Leslie will be staying in her role as an Appellate Lawyer at The Ferraro Law Firm and will continue to serve the state of Florida in the areas of environmental toxic torts, product liability, and wrongful death.

A New Chapter: Leslie B. Rothenberg

After securing a two-year seat as a member of the Florida Bar Board of Governors, Leslie released the following statement:

Thank You

I was so pleased to learn that with your support, I have been elected to serve as a Governor of The Florida Bar, representing Miami-Dade County. I worked very hard on this campaign, but I will work even harder to live up to your high expectations of me.

It is an honor to serve the nearly 17,000 lawyers and judges in the Eleventh Circuit, work alongside the committed sitting Board of Governors on the many challenges ahead, and follow in the footsteps of the many amazing Governors that preceded me.

I look forward to representing you with a strong and informed voice on The Florida Bar Board of Governors.

I can’t wait to get to work!

Warm regards,
Leslie Rothenberg

At The Ferraro Law Firm, our team of attorneys, administrative staff, and others are excited to work alongside Leslie in this next chapter of her career. We strive to follow Leslie’s lead and uphold the Florida Bar’s values of pursuing justice, promoting professionalism, and protecting the public.