Breach of Contract Lawyers: Experienced Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Contracts are the glue that holds important business alliances and deals together. When broken, legal assistance is often required to help remedy the harm done. 

Whether an agreement has been broken in full or in part, the party that has suffered financial loss may be able to pursue justice. Our commercial litigation lawyers represent clients in disputes over violations of employment contracts, nondisclosure agreements, bill of sales, partnership agreements, and more.

Contract breaches should never be treated lightly. If another party violated the terms of one of your business agreements, you may be able to pursue compensation for your losses. Contact our breach of contract attorneys for a free legal consultation.

What Is a Breach of Contract?

Most business disputes hinge on breaches of contract. There are two types of business agreement violations: material breaches or minor breaches. 

A material breach is a complete violation of the terms of the contract, rendering it irreparably broken. An example is if a contract hinged on the delivery of new business billboards and instead, the other party supplied social media advertisements. This would violate the entire purpose of the contract.

Minor breaches involve failures to perform or follow some aspect of the agreement. This could include a failure to meet a particular deadline or delivering partial service or goods, as outlined in the terms of the agreement. Though not as severe as a material breach, you can still pursue damages for a minor contract breach.

Filing a Breach of Contract Lawsuit: How to Seek Justice

If you are involved in a breach of a contract dispute, our breach of contract lawyers can help pursue economic damages or equitable remedies on your behalf. 

Economic damages cover past and future financial losses you may have suffered due to the contraction violation. 

Equitable relief is granted by court order. It may include termination of a contract or a court order that requires the other party to uphold their side of an agreement or refrain from a particular action.

How The Ferraro Law Firm Can Help Your Business

When a contract is broken, businesses and other entities usually require legal assistance to ensure justice is done. With so much at stake, the law firm that you choose to represent you can make all the difference in the world. 

The Ferraro Law Firm has represented clients in a variety of disputes over contract breaches across diverse industries. This litigation can be complex, but our nationwide commercial law firm has the skills and resources to fight on your behalf. To date, The Ferraro Law Firm has secured billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Contact our breach of contract attorneys today for a free legal consultation. We operate on a  contingency-fee model, so you will never pay anything unless you win your case.