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Paraquat is one of the most widely used herbicides in the United States. Every year, the U.S. uses an average of 8 million pounds of paraquat on crops. What makes its popularity so alarming is that numerous studies published over the last decade have shown that exposure to paraquat may cause Parkinson’s disease. While the European Union and countries like China and Brazil have banned paraquat, use of the herbicide in the U.S. has increased by almost 200% since 2009.

Paraquat Attorneys Helping Farmers & Agricultural Workers with Parkinson’s Disease

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after exposure to herbicides that contain paraquat, including Gramoxone, you may be eligible for compensation.

Contact our toxic tort attorneys at The Ferraro Law Firm for a free legal consultation to learn more about how we can help you. Our attorneys have earned multi-million dollar verdicts against some of the largest chemical manufacturers in the world, including a $4 million verdict for a dangerous fungicide made by DuPont.

What is Paraquat?

First introduced in 1962, paraquat is an herbicide used to kill and control weeds that are present in many agricultural and non-agricultural settings. It is also used for the desiccation (drying) of crops like cotton and tobacco prior to harvest. Paraquat is used on crops including, but not limited to, corn, cotton, soybeans, wheat, and hay.

Have You Been Exposed to Products That Contain Paraquat?

Paraquat is registered in the United States as a Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP), which means it may only be used by trained certified applicators. You cannot purchase paraquat for use in your home garden or a similar residential setting. It is typically only used by agricultural farmers or field workers and applied by an herbicide spray truck or airplane. 

The Ferraro Law Firm’s heat map agricultural use of paraquat across the US in 2017

Products That Contain Paraquat

The following are the brand names of herbicides that include paraquat:

  • Blanco
  • Bonfire
  • Cyclone
  • Devour
  • Firestorm
  • Gramoxone
  • Helmquat
  • Parazone
  • Para-SHOT
  • Quik-Quat

Does Paraquat Cause Parkinson’s Disease?

Several experiments support a direct relationship between exposure to paraquat and Parkinson’s disease. In one study published in 2018, Canadian researchers found that exposure to paraquat increased the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease by about 250 percent.

Though it has been more than a decade since the health risks associated with paraquat were first discovered, it is still being manufactured and sold in the U.S. The Ferraro Law Firm is helping agricultural workers hold the chemical manufacturers accountable for selling and manufacturing paraquat despite knowing how harmful it is to public health.

For a better understanding of the most recent restrictions and research supporting the link between paraquat and Parkinson’s disease, take a look at the following timeline.

Timeline of Paraquat’s Link to Parkinson’s Disease

Common Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

The Ferraro Law Firm’s List of Parkinson’s Symptoms

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that affects your nervous system and ability to move. While symptoms are initially mild, the condition typically worsens over time.

If you were exposed to paraquat and you notice the following symptoms, see a doctor as soon as you can.

They can evaluate you to see if you may be showing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease:

  • Involuntary tremors
  • Rigid muscles
  • Changes in your speech or writing
  • Impaired balance or posture

People Who May Be Exposed to Paraquat

male agricultural worker spraying paraquat on crops

Since paraquat is a restricted herbicide, most people who come in contact with it work in agriculture.

If you work in one of the following occupations or live near a farm or facility that frequently use herbicides, you may have been exposed to paraquat:

  • Farmers
  • Agricultural workers
  • Herbicide applicators
  • Chemical mixers
  • Tank fillers
  • Individuals living around farming communities

If you have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and you work or live near farms that regularly spray pesticides and herbicides, contact The Ferraro Law Firm. We can review your case for free and help identify if you may have been exposed to paraquat, and if so, help you seek justice against the manufacturers.

What Can I Do if I Have Parkinson’s and Have Been Exposed to Paraquat?

If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and you were exposed to paraquat in the past, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the product manufacturers. For more than a decade, research has shown a link between paraquat exposure and Parkinson’s disease.

The Ferraro Law Firm is no stranger to standing up to the largest corporations in the country, including chemical giants like DuPont. Schedule a free legal consultation with us to learn more.

Paraquat Lawsuits: How The Ferraro Law Firm Can Help

If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after exposure to paraquat, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against manufacturers of paraquat-containing herbicides, including Syngenta and Chevron Chemical Company.

These lawsuits typically allege that manufacturers failed to:

  • Adequately research the potential link between paraquat and Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Warn consumers about the Parkinson’s risks associated with paraquat exposure.
  • Ensure that workers received adequate protection against the potential side effects of paraquat.

Additionally, lawsuits allege that manufacturers:

  • Misrepresented the safety of paraquat for decades.
  • Negligently disregarded the potential health risks associated with paraquat.

To learn more about how The Ferraro Law Firm has obtained justice against major chemical corporations, check out Project Blindsided which examines Attorney James Ferraro, Sr.’s $4 million verdict against DuPont.

Fighting For Victims of Chemical Exposure Since 1985

Parkinson’s patient with tremors holding hands with wife

If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and worked as a farmer, farmhand, or another type of worker in a field or facility where herbicides were used or manufactured, you may be entitled to compensation. The Ferraro Law Firm’s toxic tort attorneys have the experience, resources, and compassion to help you and your family navigate every step of the legal process.

Our law firm has a successful track record against some of the largest chemical giants in the country, including DuPont. In a nationally televised trial, James Ferraro, Sr. represented a mother whose baby was born with missing eyes after she was exposed to a dangerous fungicide manufactured by DuPont. The $4,000,000 verdict has since been recognized in best-selling books like Blindsided which details how Ferraro was able to hold the major corporation accountable for misleading consumers about the safety of their products.

Exposed to Paraquat? Contact The Ferraro Law Firm

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after exposure to paraquat-containing herbicides like Gramoxone, contact us for a free legal consultation. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

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