Fighting for Clients Injured By Unsafe Vehicles

Safety recalls are the removal of dangerous products from the marketplace for the sake of consumers. Vehicle recalls can be voluntary or can be ordered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), but in either case recalls are issued in response to a design or manufacturing defect that may cause injuries. In recent years, motor vehicle recalls have been at their highest, with record-setting recalls from Toyota, Ford, Honda, and others.

Manufacturers have an obligation to be transparent during a recall and must publish a public report in the event of a recall—even a voluntary one. Federal law dictates that they must provide a solution to the safety defect at no extra cost to the consumer. Despite efforts to repair as many recalled vehicles as possible, there are still approximately 35 million vehicles with unrepaired defects on the road, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a collision involving a recalled vehicle, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

The Duties of the Car Manufacturer

Automobile manufacturers have a duty to design and sell safe vehicles. If a component of the vehicle is deemed as inherently unsafe, they have a duty to recall the vehicle.

Once a recall has been issued, a manufacturer must also contact the owners of the recalled vehicles or components. That means combining vehicle purchasing records with state registration records. For components, this means contacting distributors in order to reach their buyers. Even if you are not notified, you are entitled to receive a free remedy if you own a recalled item or vehicle.

How to Check Your Car for Known Safety Defects

If you’re not sure if your car has been recalled, look it up on the NHTSA recall site. You can look up your vehicle, various components, and even equipment like car seats for recent recalls. Check your car for a recall as soon as possible—as long as it is recent enough, your manufacturer should resolve the defect quickly for no charge. You can also call the toll-free Auto Safety Hotline: (888) 327-4236.

Injured by a Recalled Vehicle? Contact The Ferraro Law Firm

Manufacturers are subject to strict liability laws, meaning if you were injured by a defective vehicle, our Florida auto defect attorneys would be able to help you file a claim for your injuries. The doctrine of strict liability means you do not need to prove negligence in order to have a valid case. You simply need to have been injured by an unsafe product.

Our experienced attorneys at The Ferraro Law Firm, P.A. have handled countless cases involving defective products and defective automobiles. Since 1985, our thorough investigations and relentless pursuit of justice have resulted in billions in verdicts and settlements. We’ve won numerous honors for our work, including inclusion in Florida Super Lawyers® and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®.

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