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The Ferraro Law Firm is representing patients and their families nationwide in product liability cases involving defective Riata and Durata Defibrillator Leads, manufactured by St. Jude Medical. Our experience in handling medical device defect cases has allowed us to provide clients nationwide with the compensation they needed to move forward with their lives.

We have won billions of dollars for injured people since 1985. Our verdicts and settlements have helped thousands of individuals recover their medical expenses, long-term rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and other costs incurred by fault medical device manufacturing or poor design. We are proud to continue helping our clients stand against St. Jude Medical and other manufacturers.

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How St. Jude's Defibrillator Causes Injury

A defibrillator is a device that emits electric shocks to interrupt a potentially fatal heart rhythm and help the heart to maintain its normal rhythm. The defibrillator leads used in Riata and Durata devices are thin cables used to attach a defibrillator to the heart while implanting. In many patients receiving Riata and Durata heart implants, the leads connecting the defibrillators to their hearts fail and the electrical wires inside them work their way out through the leads' coating.

The side effects of St. Jude Medical's defibrillator leads include:

  • Unnecessary shocks
  • Cardiac tamponade
  • Thumping in chest
  • Burning sensation
  • Faintness
  • Death

If a lead wire detaches, the defibrillator stops working and the patient could die. Sometimes these detached wires poke into the heart wall, thus causing a serious medical condition called cardiac tamponade associated with pressure building around the heart and affecting the heart rhythm.

Large Percentages of Patients at Risk

It has been reported that researchers in Northern Ireland found that wires were protruding out of the casing of the St. Jude leads in as many as 15% of the patients who received them. These findings are extremely alarming, particularly because the wires are very dangerous to remove and, as previously discussed, may pose a serious risk if they are left in.

St. Jude Medical is one of the nation's largest producers of heart devices and it is estimated that its leads have been implanted in approximately 128,000 patients worldwide. Experts believe that the warnings provided by the company to doctors using its products should have been more extensive.

In 2010, St. Jude removed the Riata and the Riata ST defibrillator leads from the market over concerns that the electrical insulation could cause the devices to malfunction, and in 2011 the Food and Drug Administration issued a Class I recall following an investigation. For the last several years, St. Jude has been selling the newer version of its leads, the Durata, which have a different coating that is supposed to prevent the types of problems affecting the Riata models.

However, experts believe that the Durata lead could have the same problem as Riata. In 2012, the FDA investigated the Durata manufacturing process. They found 11 faults with the manufacturing, including the fact that they only tested the leads only once before distribution. The written company policy is to test the leads five times.

If you or your loved one has received a St. Jude defibrillator device and is experiencing side effects, please contact the lawyers of The Ferraro law Firm at (888) 554-2030 or request a free case evaluation online.

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