This is about The Ferrano Law Firm and my Mesothelioma case. I didn’t have a great opinion of attorneys and certainly not the ones that are on tv commercials. My father was my best friend, my hero and now diagnosed with Mesothelioma. My fathers responsibility had always been to protect me, keep me healthy, happy and safe. Now, it was my turn. The worst time in my life and so many questions. I made a call to the VA, crying asking someone to help me. After a call or two I was directed to Jose Becerra with Ferrano. Mr. Becerra (Jose) was calm, polite, empathetic and said he’d help me. That’s what I needed. Jose, answered every question, every call. I realize that attorneys have a job to do, but, Jose became a friend. He’s someone to count on when you think the world is ending. There are attorneys out there willing to do whatever it takes to get your business. If you think your world is in trouble and you need an attorney willing to tell you the truth, someone who will work for you, then you need to make a call to Jose Becerra with Ferraro Law Firm.